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Our Rates 

Purpose Centered Coaching and Consulting is committed to providing self-selecting sliding scale rates for our individual, coaching group, and organizational clients to ensure accessibility to all of our services. We provide various payment options including payment plans, and 4 different ways to make payments. We do not ask for or require any financial information unless you are on a monthly debit billing plan. 


PCCC is able to provide these rates due to our 501c3 status, an active fundraising program, and generous coaches who are also open and receptive to our pricing philosophy. We could not do this work without their support. 


At this point in our evolution as an organization we have limited scholarships. As fundraising and pro-bono coaches allow, we will be able to offer opportunities for California and Columiba, MO. women. Our current scholarship focus areas are Long Beach, Orange County and greater LA County and with special consideration for Stephens College students. 


Individual Coaching Rates 

  • 1 to 3 free 45-minute Discovery Sessions - to determine if the coaching relationship is a fit and should the PCCC coach roster allow. 

  • If you are making ends meet, $250 per month at 2 sessions per month (125)

  • If you are financially stable, $350 per month at  2 sessions per month (175)

  • If you are financially flourishing, $450 per month  2 sessions per month (225) 

  • All contracts have a minimum 8 session length at 2 sessions per month and can go beyond. 


Coaching Group Rates 

These rates vary depending on fundraising, grants and sponsorships. For all of our Coaching Groups we do require non-refundable registration fees. Registration fees run from $25 - $100 per person and can be made in payments should the participant be a scholarship participant. 


Organizational Rates

For government bodies and businesses we base our prices on market rate since we are fully aligned with the International Coaching Federation credentials and standards and have the similar and sometimes more training hours as other professional coaches. 


For non-profits we base rates on your organizational yearly budget and are happy to work with you or your staff to meet your team’s needs. 


Team Coaching Rates and Consulting Rates 

These rates are based on your organization’s needs. Since PCCC does not take a cookie cutter approach to our coaching or consulting work and we deeply value the uniqueness of each organization we tailor all of our proposals after an initial consultation. 


For more information on anything noted above please email Silissa at

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